Portable Video Survey System – PVSS

The PVSS unit is the most advanced underwater video recording system available. It incorporates the latest in video processing technologies and depth sensor interface to deliver unmatched performance for your portable Commercial Diving equipment.
During the diving operation keeping constant communication with the diver is crucial for a safe and smooth operation, for this the Tender and Diver Communicator provides ultra-clear voice, with handheld microphone, tops this system as the best in its class.

The PVSS utilizes a high contrast 18.5″ HD LED monitor with a rugged screen. The operator panel is also fully compliant to IP66 (NEMA 4X) enabling them to withstand the roughest conditions. An intuitive icon driven menu system guides the user through easy to follow setup and control screens.

When it comes to storing video/audio and data, the PVSS is extremely flexible. It can be stored to a SSD 240GB, which gives you up to 150 hours H264 high quality video files. Easy to copy from internal disk to any of the available storage drives or USB provided there is media present, is available too.

To ensure that video files are completely error free, the PVSS has a built-in rechargeable VRLA battery system that constantly monitors the power source. In the event of a low battery level or power loss, the PVSS seamlessly close the video file and warns operator to safe and controlled system shutdown. This guarantees that data files will never be corrupted by unexpected power conditions.

Fully Portable , 2 x 12V/7A batteries with builtin charger 3 hours autonomy.
Solid State Disk 240GB up to 150 hours video recording
Handheld Microphone.
Depth and Dive Profile recorder
Fully editable Text Overlay
Camera and light control.


Abyssal performs inspection operation for GALP Energia

Abyssal conducted a successful inspection operation on GALP Energia´s TOGL CALM Buoy, off the cost of Porto, Portugal.
The operation consisted on the inspection of the PLEM and catenary anchor chains in order to evaluate its overall condition and assess the need to carry out additional preventive maintenance activities.
This operation was a joint collaboration between GALP Energia, Multisub SA, ISPTEL, Tritech, C-NAV and Abyssal SA.


Discovering Digital Video

“…a small diving contractor purchased a ‘ruggedised’ portable digital video recorder designed for use outdoors in remote locations. Portability meant that it was no longer necessary for the operators to carry separate recording and viewing equipment, making mobilisation significantly easier. Though the equipment was purchased, it proved so useful that it came to be used daily with other video sources, revolutionising the production of daily reports for clients.”
publish by IMCA R 014


New Web Site

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design after almost a full year in development! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up.