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Diving Umbilicals and Video Cables


UI 4 Parts Umbilical

Surface diving fittings for diver umbilicals are considered a consumable item and require
appropriate maintenance, inspection and periodic replacement to ensure peak performance.


Topside Electrical Connectors

Heavy Duty T20 circular connectors are constructed with a robust metal housing and a range of plating options. With over 40 different planforms available in a variety of formats we have a solution to meet most needs.
Waterproof Rated to IP68 when mated. Accustomed to harsh industrial use and saline environments. These connectors have been serving the Marine industry as an example for over 40 years.

Fibron 4 Part Umbilical

The most flexible, neutrally buoyant umbilicals now on the market are made using special materials and a cabled, ‘ropelike’ design. Longer life and considerably fewer repairs with no need for taping.

Fibron uses a particularly clean unfilled polymer that is devoid of plasticizers or other potentially dangerous additives, in contrast to the rubber or PVC materials utilized in some commercial diving hoses. This guarantees that breathing air gas purity is preserved in all circumstances, from -40°C to 60°C. Fibron diving umbilical hoses easily outlast rubber and PVC type hoses since they do not noticeably degrade with time, remain flexible, and are abrasion resistant.


D-ring and shackle assembly

The umbilical shall be attached to the diver in such a way that it cannot be inadvertently released underwater by the diver, fouling, or other incidents. This implies that any carabiner must be screw-gated. Snap shackles with cord are available from some diving equipment suppliers.

It is important to note that repairing diving umbilicals should only be done by trained professionals with the appropriate equipment and expertise. If in doubt, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or a qualified diving equipment technician for assistance with repairs.

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