PVSS – Portable Video Survey System – ver 5.6


The PVSS latest software version 5.6 was released.

There are some important improvements in PVSS unit functionalities.

  • Latest video overlay design, now with seamless compatibility for Windows 10™ 64-bit system.
  • Fresh / Sea Water option and depth offset correction.
  • Job Name option – creating directory structure based on this name for better , movies, photos and chart archiving.
  • Only on line text comment – with a timer associated to display time ; 5, 10, 15 sec or always on.
  • Automatic Snapshot on text comment input.
  • Recording key is toggle now – Recoding Start/Stop in same key (Stop key is no longer use to avoid inadvertent stop recording).
  • Label on screen REC / STOP status with sound warning.

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