The ultimate commercial diving management system, 2 or 3 divers real-time dive DECO tables recording and control in accordance with the standards and recommendations of various entities such USNAVY, IMCA, HSE, NORSOK among others.

PVSS Portable Video Survey

Fully Portable Completely Fanless Industrial PC with no moving parts. Intel® Sandy Bridge Core i3 , SATA-6Gbps 256Gb SSD (solid state disk) up to 150 hours H264 video/audio recording. With it’s rugged design, built-in 18.5″ screen and 12V battery charger, Diver/Tender radio COMMS, Depth sensor with real-time dive profile chart recording. This is the professional solution for diving operations in remote locations.

Mini Led Light

DC Power – 12 to 24Vdc 14W
Light Intensity – 500 lm
Light Color – Cool White 5500ºK
Maximum depth – 200m rated

Mini High Resolution Color Camera

High resolution color ccd camera
Number of TV lines – 720TVL (PAL)
Minimum Illumination – 0,01 Lux
Maximum Depth – 200m rated

Under Pressure

The Diving task were complex and need the know-how and practice,to decide and apply the right diving table for a specific depth and bottom time. Diving supervisor are also supported by a report recorder and diver tender, to keep all paper work reports clear and updated also help diving in water or surface.
The PRODIVING unit is able to do must of these tasks automatically. To achieve these results, a pressure transducer was installed on diver umbilical near the chest level, which measures the exact deepness of the diver (no Pneumofathometer depth correction factor compensation needed), a software application was written to measure the passage of time and interpolate the real time date with the Air Diving Decompression Tables.
The company´s mission is to develop and successfully integrate technologies that reduce risk and increase efficiency in commercial diving operations.