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SAAB Seaeye Falcon

The Falcon concept is the most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class and is proven in numerous intricate and demanding missions across many commercial, security and scientific sectors.

The Falcon is lightweight, sized just one metre long and is rated to a depth of 300m.


Outland ROV

Intentionally designed for ease of use and ruggedness, its features include a 600 meters depth rating, auto depth, auto heading, auto pitch, and tool-free maintenance.

Seabotix LBV ROV

The LBV200 is the compact, complete ROV package for general observation and light work, such as object recovery, with a depth rating of 200m. 


Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar

While the Ping360 sonar from Bluerobotics typically requires 11 to 25 Vdc to operate, we have a solution if your ROV only provides 48 Vdc. Our power converter can adapt the voltage and allow you to use the Ping360 seamlessly. However, if you’re still unsure about which solution would work best for your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us to explore other possible options.

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